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BRYTER is the leading no-code platform enabling experts to automate decision-making knowledge. Our intuitive toolbox enables professionals to build, manage and sell interactive applications without programming skills. Our product helps law and consulting firms, banks, as well as corporates and public bodies across the globe to digitize and scale their services.

🛂 As with other software tools used in a corporate environment, BRYTER must integrate with companies’ existing user management infrastructure, to avoid the need to manage hundreds or thousands of user accounts separately in BRYTER. Single sign-on (SSO) technologies deliver this, but often require complex initial configuration, which creates a hard documentation problem.

What you will do

🐣 BRYTER has recently created a new product development team to focus on identity management capabilities, starting with a product manager and an engineer, and vacancies for a technical writer and a second engineer. To ensure that this part of the product has excellent documentation, you will join this team as BRYTER’s first product team technical writer.

📕 Identity management configuration documentation poses a greater technical writing challenge than conventional user guides, due to its technical content. You will write for professionals in BRYTER customers’ IT departments, who need to configure both their own systems and BRYTER to work together despite not being experts in identity management software.

🧑‍🚀 In this role, you will set the standard for technical product documentation at BRYTER, by showing us how it’s done and how good documentation can be. We will also work together to choose the right tooling, instead of sticking with the mix of tools we’ve been using. Initially, this documentation will focus on how-to guides for configuring SSO, before expanding to other identity management documentation types, such as high-level explanations for a wider audience.

👪 You will work with a product manager and developers as part of a product development team, located in CET ± 4 time zones, and report to an engineering manager. You will also work with colleagues in other teams, including other writers, customer support and customer success managers, to define documentation needs and to work on our shared goal of improving customer experience.

🚀 As the team grows and increases the scope of its work, its product documentation needs will grow to cover more product capabilities. In the short term, you will focus on work within one team. In the medium term, you will have the opportunity to help grow technical writing more broadly in BRYTER, as we grow the writing team.

You share our values

🔄 We, as a team, work together very closely and with short feedback cycles, both within our team and towards our peers.

🙌 You proactively seek to support and collaborate with others, not just when you’re stuck, but also whenever you can lend a hand. We are largely self-organized, so we require you as our team-member to proactively come forward and take the lead at times without being explicitly told so.

💪 You have a strong understanding of the end results of your work. These aren’t just tickets to implement, but a commitment to our customers to build what they need to get their jobs done.

♥️ You care about the people you work with and are willing to grow together. You also care about the customer and you want to work on a product that matters.

What we are looking for

We are looking for someone with technical writing experience who can:

🧑‍🎓 learn the concepts and use of identity and access management software,

🧑‍🔧 write precise and usable technical instructions in English for an international audience,

📚 grow, maintain, and improve a consistent set of product documentation,

🧑‍🚀 work independently as a technical writer, especially if your time zone is not Central Europe,

👪 build trusting relationships in a cross-functional team and work towards shared goals, and

🚀 collect reader feedback and use it improve your documentation.

The icing on the cake

We are primarily looking for someone to write documentation for a specific part of our product, to start with, but expect to look for the following additional skills as we scale up technical writing and documentation management at BRYTER.

🛂 You have worked with identity and access management software.

🗺 You have experience establishing a documentation authoring and maintenance process.

📦 You have previously selected and introduced tooling for a documentation portfolio.

👪 You have built a successful technical writing team.

👷 You have built components of an automated document production (DocOps) pipeline.

You don’t have to have done these things to succeed in this role, but if you have any of this experience you will probably get to apply it, in addition to writing.


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