Software Language Engineer (m/f/d)

What’s your job?

As a Software Language Engineer at BRYTER you’ll be part of our remote-first team with the task to evolve the design and implementation of the BRYTER language and interpreter. You’ll play an essential role in shaping the direction of the BRYTER language and evaluating the viability of making more language features available to use in our no-code editor.

The BRYTER language is only edited through the graphical editor. This means we are currently not concerned with lexing and parsing. Your work is beginning at the level of our own control flow graph representation that we manipulate directly. What you should bring is a good understanding of topics like type-systems, abstract semantic graphs, static and dynamic program analysis, automated optimizations and refactoring operations.

You should already have experience working on the design and implementation of high-level programming languages and interpreters, domain specific languages or the tooling around them (e.g. IDEs, transpilers, type checkers). Ideally, you have already contributed in an environment where design decisions are made in an RFC-like process. Besides, working knowledge of TypeScript is definitely a plus as well.

Why should you apply?

  • Direct impact on our product from day one
  • Colleagues that care about the product and the people who build it
  • We support you in your journey to become the best version of yourself. Not the least by providing challenging work, people around you who you can learn from, as well as a personal conference & training budget
  • BRYTER has a product & business model that’s tried and tested and we’re in the process of scaling our impact, so your impact can scale with us
  • Customers love our product which you’ll have a key role in developing

This job is not for you

If you reside outside of CET +/-4h time zones and have no practical experience in software language design, then this job is not for you.

How to apply?

Start a conversation by reaching out to us. Just say hi, and tell us why you’re interested in working with us.
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