Senior Backend Engineer – Node.js (m/f/d)

Through our unique no-code editor, we allow our customers to automate decision-making processes. We enable them to digitize their service and instantly publish what they built, making it available to their clients. Our customers have gone from very simple to incredibly complex use-cases, and they are automating more and more processes using BRYTER. In turn, we’ve seen a rising dependence on the correctness and the availability of our system. This is where we need you, to join the team that develops the execution engine at the core of our product.

What you will do

🚀 You will help scale one of our most important backend services, enabling us to successfully serve the next order of magnitude increase in load.

📊 You will work closely with developers and the infrastructure team, to improve the observability of the service and to make sense of incoming error-reports and metrics, using tools such as Datadog.

🧨 You will help improve the fault-tolerance of our services. For example by proposing and implementing changes to the APIs and the underlying implementation and introducing topics such as rate-limiting or work queues.

🔒 You will work with other developers, Infosec and external pen testers, on prevention and mitigation strategies to keep our customers’ data safe.

What we’re looking for

🤝 You build trusting relationships, to allow for clear and meaningful communication in a fully remote setting. You are keen to understand different cross-functional perspectives and you know how to make your case.

🏋🏽‍♂️ You have multiple years of experience working on backend services, that are in production and deployed under load multiple times per week. You have a good understanding of load analysis monitoring and performance scaling techniques.

🛠 You are proficient in Node.js and TypeScript, yet you see technology as a means to an end and are open to learning new tools as required.

✅ Writing automated tests is not a chore for you but a key component to building a high-quality product. You know how to write maintainable tests and you have experience with both functional as well as performance tests.

♥️ You care about the people you work with and are willing to grow together. You also care about the customer and you want to work on a product that matters.

The icing on the cake

👭🏽 You enjoy doing pair or team programming.

🧁 You have deep experience building fault-tolerant distributed systems with stateful and stateless components. You have also worked with event-based systems in the past.

🍰 You have experience in (or always wanted to learn about) some of the other tools and technologies we employ such as: Kubernetes, AWS, GitLab CI, Datadog, Gatling, Vue.js, Jest, Kotlin, Postgres, to only name a few.

📚 You like to read and have enjoyed books such as Accelerate, Continuous Delivery, Release It! and Site Reliability Engineering. You are willing to share what you learned.

Why should you apply?

  • Direct impact on our product from day one
  • Colleagues that care about the product and the people who build it
  • We support you in your journey to become the best version of yourself. Not the least by providing challenging work, people around you who you can learn from, as well as a personal conference & training budget
  • BRYTER has a product & business model that’s tried and tested and we’re in the process of scaling our impact, so your impact can scale with us
  • Customers love our product which you’ll have a key role in developing
  • This job is not for you
  • If you reside outside of CET +/-2h time zones or if you have no experience at all working with Node.js and TypeScript, then this job is not for you.

Who are we?

We enable business experts to build and distribute powerful applications. Our software is intuitive and simple enough for non-IT experts to understand within minutes, yet powerful enough and enterprise-ready for industries with complex reasoning and demanding use cases. We especially cater to experts in law, finance, tax and compliance by helping them automate and standardise decision making.

How to apply?

Start a conversation by reaching out to us. Say hi, share why you’re interested in working with us and send along your CV.

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