Quality Assurance Engineer




👥 Employees 180+
🧭 Time zone CET +/-2h
🕒 Working hours flexible
💼 Job Full-time
📝 Contract Permanent
✈️️ Business trips No

About the Team, you are going to join

The QA Team works together with every product unit in BRYTER to improve the quality of our platform and continuously improve the QA processes. The QA Team's daily tasks consist of meetings with the units, close collaboration with the developers, and a mix of manual as well as automated testing processes.

What you will do

🚀 As a Quality Assurance Engineer at BRYTER, you will play an important role in ensuring BRYTER delivers the best possible experience to its users. You will be part of our remote-first, cross-functional product development team, consisting of product managers, designers, other QA engineers and developers.

🔎 Testing a No Code platform such as BRYTER has some very unique challenges. And even if the BRYTER "programming language" is not yet Turing complete, it still offers a huge range of possibilities to its users. While we already feel we have a good handle on how to do automated functional and end-to-end testing, we are always eager to improve it. This means – after learning about how the BRYTER platform works – you will support the further development of the platform by performing manual and exploratory testing, writing test scenarios, as well as implementing automated tests using mainly Selenium and Ghost Inspector.

🤝 You will work in close collaboration with product managers and developers of our team and help in identifying bugs and potential problems in newly developed features. This includes:

  • investigating and reproducing issues that have been reported by our internal and external users,
  • following up after fixes have been developed by performing thorough regression testing or automating regression testing
  • pair testing with the developers and be an advocate of the QA mentality

What we are looking for

  • Experience in software Quality Assurance
  • Deep understanding of creation and prioritization of test scenarios
  • Experience in manual testing according to acceptance criteria provided
  • Professional experience on end to end test automation using Selenium
  • Experience in implementing test scripts for single page web-apps
  • Familiarity with Python
  • Experience in bug hunting and reporting processes
  • Firm understanding of regression testing

Tech stack

Selenium I Python I Ghost Inspector | Gitlab | TestPad

Benefit & Perks

🌴 Generous vacation days

🎤 Time off every year for professional learning & growth

📕 Learning expenses

🖥 Personal budget home office equipment

📈 Equity

🕛 Flexible working hours


BRYTER is the no-code service automation platform that enables business experts to build digital applications. The truly no-code platform gives enterprise teams the tools to build self-service applications to provide faster, more accurate services to their colleagues, without programming.

BRYTER is especially geared to professionals in law, compliance, accounting and finance, who use the software to automate complex, recurring decisions and scenarios.

Global brands from McDonald's and ING, through to professional service firms like Deloitte, PwC, and KPMG, use BRYTER to deliver services digitally. BRYTER is a remote-first company with offices in New York, London, Frankfurt, and Berlin.

TechCrunch about BRYTER

What's important to us

Watch a webinar of our Chief Product Officer, where he shares some of the practices and rituals that make our remote-first working culture special.

🤝 Trust
We hired you because we trust you. We as founders and we as co-workers.

We trust each other to openly communicate our thoughts, make fast decisions and contribute to an environment that encourages others to do so. Our default-to-yes principle empowers everyone to be a leader and to take ownership.

We trust you because you are awesome, and we want to work with awesome people but also because we believe you have the knowledge and expertise to do great things at BRYTER.

🚀 Growth
We want you to take ownership and agency quite simply. If you sense something which can be improved, we expect you to follow this feeling and just do it. We empower everyone to make decisions.

We support you in your individual journey to grow. Not only by providing challenging work, people around you who you can learn from, but also through a personal conference and training budget.

We strive for collaboration and co-creation. We embrace that when you want to get something done you just reach out to your co-workers and ask for help, advice, feedback, and support.

We believe in the positive impact of cross-functional collaboration where everybody works together in a structured way (that prevents chaos). We call these cross-functional groups our Units.

We leverage this by working together in a Network Organization that is connecting competence (not a hierarchy of authority) and where information flows fluidly throughout the organization.

👩🏻‍🤝‍👨🏽 Collaboration
We are team players and we believe in the power of cross-functional units. We make ownership and processes explicit in order to improve continuously. We have practices and rituals in place that help us reflect and improve continuously.

🔎 Customer-centric
We are here to solve customer problems. We strive to be a human centered organization and see our customers as humans and partners. We help them to do their job better and help them to scale their services by using our product.

In everything we do we maintain clear sight of the customer. We work based on small customer feedback loops and take end-to-end ownership: customer problem - solution - impact (- reflection - learning). This tailored approach allows us to continue being a successful company.

This enables us to respond fast and deliver new customer value frequently.

Curious? Please apply

Multiple studies have found that women/non-binary people on average seek to match a high percentage of a role's requirements before applying.

We encourage everyone to apply, even if they feel they might not fulfill all listed requirements fully. We'd like you to give us a chance to evaluate your skills and experience. We're curious to hear from you and learn what you believe you'd bring to the role and the team.

For people living with disabilities, chronic illnesses, or neurodiversity, adjustments, and support can make a decisive difference in the interviewing process. Please let us know if you need any accommodations (specific tools, more time, additional breaks, etc.) and feel comfortable disclosing this, and we'll do our best to meet them.


Start a conversation with us! Just say hi, tell us why you’re interested in working with us and attach your CV and any portfolio material.

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