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Join BRYTER as we journey through this exciting time of developing and scaling a human-centered, agile, and evolutionary network organization that is constantly learning and changing methods and collaboration practices as needed.


BRYTER is an all-remote organization, that started in Germany, but is now spread all over Europe and expanding into the US. We have Hubs in Berlin, Frankfurt, London and New York that you can use, if you enjoy co-working with colleagues on-site. You can also read more about how it feels to work a BRYTER.

At BRYTER we are building a no-code service automation platform that enables business experts to build digital applications. Our software is intuitive and simple enough for non-IT experts to understand within minutes, yet powerful enough and enterprise-ready for industries with complex reasoning and demanding use cases. We especially cater to experts in law, finance, tax and compliance by helping them automate and standardize decision making.

BRYTER's culture has grown from a foundation of trust, honesty, and self-responsibility. We reflect this culture in our stellar workplace model aka. the BRYTER Universe where we made explicit what we already do and why. We also collected all the applied practices, that help us to live this culture - on a third orbit not shown here.

At BRYTER, particularly in the Product Area - for which we hire here - we have developed and cultivated structural agility and self-managing, self-selecting teams - so that we can grow fast.

With you, we now want to focus on developing local agility within the teams as well as developing our structural agility self-managing capabilities further.

What you can do here

You can self-select and shape your role, so you can best enable multiple units aka teams to be in high performance, by various ways of coaching with the Agile & Lean Mindset, based on our organizational and cultural foundation of trust, honesty, self-responsibility and self-organization.

You can help people give feedback, process their personal tensions, recognize priorities, and do impactful work. You can support units to think and behave in an agile & lean way, cultivate trust, take accountability, and self-manage. You can bring clarity to everyone’s roles - both for an individual and for their peers - so that everyone is able to step into situational and explicit leadership based on their leadership tags / role model.

We want you to guide people (and units) through challenging situations, helping them work through their thoughts and emotions, and reflect their behaviors in order to encourage them to develop new capabilities. We want you to scale leadership, build courage into the organization, and create a culture of belonging and empathy at work.

Knowing and embodying our BRYTER Culture is essential for this role. We expect you to share and advocate for our values and principles that we’ve partly introduced across this description. We also hope that your agency / engagement for these values - like the human values of connection, trust, honesty, self-responsibility, the agile but also teal values - started a long time ago, bringing your experiences and insights that you can now share with us.

We built our values deep into the structures and processes of our organization. For example, because we trust people, our organization operates with a "default-to-yes" principle. This means that every idea is permitted by default because we trust that our peers take care to bring proposals that are “safe enough to try” and “good enough for now”.

This approach, together with the guiding practices and processes we’ve put in place, helps us foster and strengthen self-responsibility and ownership. Part of your responsibility will be to guide people through these processes and help to develop them further.

With you and several new hires for this role, we are founding a new team of BRYTER coaches. You can choose your focus: on a team or on agility itself or on the organization or on all of it. Starting working with us now, you can shape the focus, structure and strategy of this team. We have a clear vision and want to include yours. We will do this by having meaningful conversations - as always when we face a task as BRYTER where we have to work closely together on a complex topic.

The coaching team will maintain the foundation of BRYTER's continuous and fast growth. Its members will be able to work with a high level of freedom and pro-activeness, sensing & responding to organizational tensions autonomously and aligned.

What we are looking for

We are looking first and foremost for your people and cultural competencies and your relevant experience in our industry:

  • Empathy, great communication skills, a high degree of self-reflection combined with the desire to care for people.
  • Experience in coaching agile, self-organized teams and developing human-centric, trustful cultures that lead to high performance.
  • Optional - a relevant background in tech, be it in software engineering, product development, or design. You generally understand software and system architecture, product discovery and engineering delivery processes, so that you can help to align these processes from end-to-end.
  • Bonus - you have experienced being part of a high/hyper-growth or truly agile company and have shown the ability to adapt and grow with the evolution that comes with a role in such a company's coaching team.

The icing on the cake

To build a shared understanding of the workplace and organizational model we are developing, we want to make parts of our thinking explicit - based on well-known frameworks and concepts. "The icing on the cake" would be your honest interest, deep knowledge or experience and understanding of this concepts, and the thinking behind them.

  • For us, a human workplace is about exhibiting empathy and cultivating trustful relationships, in order to co-create both customer and business value through frequent learning and heartfelt customer connection.
  • We support these trustful, human relationships and meaningful conversations through active facilitation, using Circle Work, Art of Hosting, Stewardship, Appreciative Inquiry, Liberating Structures, Training from the Back of the Room, and other people & group centric approaches.
  • Therefore, agile is about having meaningful conversations around high performance and responsibility. We want to create flow - the ability to think and react fast - through the application of agile principles and practices. We want to learn and grow as individuals and as a community, and we agree very much with (most) of the LeSS rules and a holistic view on product development.
  • Your peers sharpen their listening and meaningful sharing capabilities in Communities of Practices, therefore growing our capabilities as an organization. We facilitate and coach these groups by co-developing a framework that unleashes the power communities and learning together.
  • Self-Organization is about taking responsibility/ownership, leadership based on trust, continuous organizational improvement, exploration, and co-creation using elements of the common frameworks for self-organization.
  • As Coaches and Stewards of the organization, we nurture a “Problem-Solving-Culture” where “problems (tensions)” are fuels for rapid growth and organizational learning. We foster Self-Responsibility, Self-Selection and Ownership.
  • We ground our thinking about our organization on the stellar blueprint, a reflection of the groundbreaking pattern of 21st century organizations. We used the blueprint to reflect our thinking and organizational needs in developing our organizational model.
  • We invite you to shape your own leadership practice. For us, leaders take responsibility for finding potential in people, groups, and processes – and for developing that potential to improve the organization. We seek leaders with the capability and self-awareness to lead with courage from the heart rather than leading from fear. We want to lead by influence, connection and competency, not by hierarchy. We believe, as leaders we must care for and be connected to the people you lead. In the Product Area, we have cultivated meaningful conversations where people feel safe, seen, heard and respected, and as a result, can speak from their whole self. With us, you can use these conversations as a foundation for your leadership style.
  • We help individuals and the organization as a whole develop new competencies and master complexity through small improvement experiments (rather than based on assumptions, opinions, or plans).
  • We learn from the knowledge and experience of the world's most successful remote and hyper growth companies by studying and applying their patterns, principles, and practices. But we also are groundbreakers in our own way - the BRYTER way of activating collective intelligence to solve complex problems together.

How to apply

We look forward to getting to know you. To connect, you can of course just send us your LinkedIn profile or CV, but we are hoping to get to know you better right from the start. We invite you to send us a letter of intent as your application for the role.

What should you include in your letter?

We invite you to share your thoughts and feelings about the role with us. And if you want, tell us about what inspires you!

  • Tell us what you “see” in the description of the role. What is interesting to you? What parts of the role, our thinking, or the concepts we presented resonate with you most? What do they mean to you?
  • Tell us what happens, or what “is alive” in you, when you read the description of the role.
  • Tell us which of your needs you imagine being met if you worked with us in this role.
  • Is there anything you feel is missing? Another concept, or an insight you have from a past experience, that you can imagine being helpful for us in this context?
  • Optional: Tell us more. What is the book that changed your thinking the most? Who is the person that inspires you the most at the moment? What is the workplace vision that inspires you the most? Anything you believe is interesting and relevant for us.

Why should you write a letter?

You can benefit from this letter even if you don’t end up sending it to us

We hope it helps you to reflect and get more clarity on…

  • what is important for yourself
  • what needs you need fulfilled in order to be happy and powerful at work
  • what coaching work means to you
  • what concepts and ideas resonate with you (and which don’t)
  • the parts of the ad that spark your curiosity - the willingness to lean into discomfort and learn more
  • what areas you are an expert/master in and where you have something to say and to give to others
  • what is inspiring to you and motivates you in your own growth journey
If you do end up sending it to us, this is the value it brings for us

  • It shows us the benefits of working with you (emotionally - beyond what your CV can tell us).
  • It enables us to focus our energy on the people we want to work with.
  • It enables us to learn about ourselves and our thought processes, communication styles, and this job description.
Who will read your letter

The staffing lead for this position is Tobias Leonhardt. Aki Salmi is also involved in the interview and hiring process.
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