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BRYTER is an all-remote organization, that started in Germany but is now spread all over Europe and right now expanding into the US. Since being founded in 2018, we’ve grown to more than 175 people.

We enable business experts to build and distribute powerful applications. Our software is intuitive and simple enough for non-IT experts to understand within minutes, yet powerful enough and enterprise-ready for industries with complex reasoning and demanding use cases. We especially cater to experts in law, finance, tax, and compliance by helping them automate and standardize decision-making.

And, we invite you to become part of our journey.

What we'd like you to focus on

In short: Build an effective & high-performing team.

While we recognize this requires an interplay of a multitude of factors, we believe the following activities and aspects to be most impactful for building an effective & high-performing team at BRYTER:

  • Foster an engaged and high-performing team by coaching individuals towards self-leadership and support every team members' professional growth.
  • Influence and co-create a culture of ownership, inclusivity and self-leadership. Within your team and across all of product development.
  • Use your own tech experience and expertise, and work with your team, to co-create engineering excellence together.
  • Grow a diverse team by hiring excellent humans who are also great engineers.
  • Collaborate closely with your partners across all of the product development area (product management, design, testing & cloud infrastructure) to assess the right mix of skills needed from engineering, to jointly deliver on the most impactful initiatives.
However, while we believe the above to be effective things to do as an Engineering Manager, we recognize that every individual can and will fill the role in a different way and with a different combination and weighting. Let's have a conversation throughout the interviewing process, about how you'd like to fill the role with life.

What we believe you should bring

First and foremost: Several years of experience as a software engineer/developer on a senior level. We infer from that experience that you'll likely bring the following:

  • An understanding of and a certain knowledge in modern software development paradigms and methodologies (Agile, DDD, Cloud-native, DevOps, Continuous Delivery to name very few).
  • The ability to understand the work of your team's members and reflect on it together with them.
  • You're capable of helping your team's members grow professionally.
  • The ability to co-create and assess the requirements we have for our next hires; what they should bring and also a certain comfortableness in facilitating and making hiring decisions.
Secondly, as trusting relationships are a core tenet of working at BRYTER, we require you to be proficient in and willing to build rapport and trusting relationships with your peers and team's members. In an all-remote setting that is.

Furthermore you must be comfortable working within ambiguity, and be willing to create clarity for your team.

If you then also bring the capacity to lead with competence instead of authority, by building relationships, and engaging your team, then we'd love to get to know you.

Benefits of working with us

Besides offering a welcoming, human-centred, flexible, all-remote workplace, we offer some perks to our workers.

Learning, conferences & training
We view continuous learning and professional development as indispensable. Therefore we provide you with a generous, yearly training and conference budget that you can use at your own discretion.

Home-office grant
Furthermore, as an all-remote company we care that your workplace at home is safe and healthy. And so we provide a yearly allowance that you can spend on items to equip a more productive and healthy working space for you.

ESOP − Employee stock ownership program
We offer optional participation in our employee stock ownership program.


Want to know more about what working at BRYTER looks like? Take a peek at our Careers page. 🚀

Curious? Please apply

Multiple studies have found that women/non-binary people on average seek to match a high percentage of a role's requirements before applying.

We encourage everyone to apply, even if they feel they might not fulfil all listed requirements fully. We'd like you to give us a chance and to evaluate your skills and experience. We're curious to hear from you and about what you believe you'd bring to the role and the team.

For people living with disabilities, chronic illnesses, or neurodiversity, adjustments and support can make a decisive difference in the interviewing process. Please let us know if you need any accommodations (specific tools, more time, additional breaks etc.) and feel comfortable disclosing this, and we'll do our best to meet them.


Start a conversation with us! Just say hi, tell us why you’re interested in working with us and attach your CV and any portfolio material.

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