Ecommerce Controller - Parker Colorado 2021

About Us

Catching Clouds is the leader in ecommerce accounting. Ecommerce businesses are the future, and we have defined the optimal accounting processes for these dynamic online businesses. We are a Colorado-based, modern, dynamic, and fully remote business that is looking for fun and dynamic people who match our culture and are looking to change the way accounting is provided to businesses.

We empower multi-channel ecommerce sellers with current, accurate, and actionable information so they can fulfill their dreams. We provide ecommerce controller and bookkeeping services combined with the cloud accounting tools, design, and management necessary to be our clients' complete accounting department.

At Catching Clouds, we have always been determined to only have clients who make working at Catching Clouds enjoyable. Life is too short to deal with companies who are not the right fit for our company for one reason or another, and we actively screen prospects and remove any poorly fitting clients for this exact reason.

We also believe that "A" clients deserve to work with "A" team members, and our success as a company is 99% about the people we employ.

About the Role

As an Ecommerce Controller, you will be a critical part of our team. You're the linchpin between the "doers" and the "users." You'll need to deeply understand how the sausage is made and help ensure the integrity of the financials and then be able to translate those financials for the business owners who rely on them to make important business decisions.

Here are some of the most critical elements of this role.

  • "In the Know" - You'll be an important team and client resource. You'll be enforcing accounting standards, staying abreast of sales tax and payroll regulations, understanding the ecommerce challenges that our clients face, becoming deeply familiar with the tools we use, and interacting with the clients' tax CPAs. The team and clients will rely on you to know the what, when, and how of ecommerce accounting if anyone else happens to need support.
  • Solve Problems - With your experience, you can help investigate apps, build workflows, and/or "find a better way" that'll minimize team frustration and maximize your team's output.
  • Manage Projects - All our clients are "big" small businesses. That means our clients wear lots of hats and have lots of challenges but usually don't have the large departments to handle them. They often rely on our team to handle a wide variety of issues. You will need to set appropriate boundaries (i.e., understand which requests are in scope vs. out of scope), effectively allocate (and/or request) needed resources, and ensure we provide great results to our clients.
  • Meet Deadlines - Deadlines are the norm here, and due to the complexity of ecommerce, we have many more moving parts than a "typical" accounting firm. You'll need to be highly organized to make sure your team meets their deadlines consistently. (Don't worry - we have systems to help with this!)
  • Mentor - Because you'll be working with a handful of more junior accountants, we hope that you'll be able to help them improve their skills and grow into more senior roles.


About You
  • Process Geek - When you do something for the second time, you naturally question if there's a better way to avoid repetitive tasks. You don't like wasting time and see the value in creating standard processes. You systematize what you can so that you can save your energy and brainpower for truly unique challenges.
  • Tech Geek - Picking up new software is like breathing to you. You inherently understand how data flows from system to system, and you know your accounting tools inside and out. You also know when tools should be doing more than they're currently capable of doing, and you let the software developers know that through consistent feedback.
  • Information Sponge - You are a lifelong and fast learner. You have the natural desire to improve everyday. Nobody has to tell you how or when to Google something, watch a video, read an article, and/or listen to a podcast because you're doing all that already.
  • Helpful - You love to teach and help others. When you're answering questions, you share links, screenshots, videos, or whatever's needed to help communicate quickly and effectively to ensure every interaction is at the highest level for all involved parties.
  • Puzzle Master - You don't run from challenges but are instead energized by them. You won't spend hours chasing a penny, but you'll recognize when something isn't working as well as it could be, and you'll roll up your sleeves to make it bend to your will. "Work smart, not hard" is a way of life for you, and you'll work really, really hard to save yourself as much time as possible down the road.
  • Team Member - You believe the quote "to go fast, go alone; to go far, go together," and you strongly believe in the power of a strong team. You aren't embarrassed to ask questions, and you welcome others to ask you questions as well. You believe sunlight is the best disinfectant, and that there's no mistake that can't be unwound with some deep collaboration.
  • Get Stuff Done - You deeply subscribe to the "Getting Things Done" methodology. You believe that establishing and maintaining daily, weekly, and monthly habits creates amazing results over time and minimizes stress for everyone involved. You believe "accounting emergencies" are a result of failure to properly plan and prioritize. You plan, coordinate, communicate, and create well-considered routines that ensure your success.


Working at Catching Clouds

  • Remote Work - Work from home or wherever you have internet access. We've been 100% remote since day one, so it's part of our DNA.
  • Note: despite this being a remote position, we get together as a team regularly, so we are currently only hiring in Colorado to make it easier on ourselves and our team members.
  • The job is virtual, so you will work where you are - but you must be available for meetings in Parker, CO, as needed. Relocation services are not provided.
  • Great Benefits - We offer the following benefits:
  • Medical, Dental, Vision, and Life insurance
  • 401(k) and/or Roth 401(k) + matching
  • Company-supplied computer, second monitor, and internet allowance
  • Lifelong Learners - One of the reasons Catching Clouds specializes in ecommerce is due to its rapid evolution. We love change and are always looking for "a better way." Because of that, the company always provides new ways you can learn and grow.
  • Be a Part of Something Bigger - Yes, everyone works from home. Yes, we offer a competitive salary and great benefits. But it's how we support one another, focus as a team on solving client problems, and work to make ecommerce businesses better that creates our culture and makes us unique. We walk our talk.
If the above feels like it was written just for you, it probably was! Please apply!

To Apply

  • Make sure to provide your desired salary.
  • Provide a link to your LinkedIn profile if available.
  • Initial interviews will be conducted via video conference software.
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