Business Manager At A Revolutionary Recruitment Firm

Are You An Experienced #2 With Strong #1 Potential?

Then this opportunity is exactly what you've been looking for...

But first a little bit about me.

Who Am I?

I'm Ugis, founder of Recruiter Mill. We help online businesses hire A-players using our revolutionary hiring method.

My team and I developed this method while scaling my previous company to high-7-figures in revenue.

Now that I've sold that company, I help other online businesses unlock their recruitment potential. Although we're just getting started, our clients' results are already transformational.

But we won't stop here. My goal is to make our recruitment method available to every small business in the world.

That's why I need your help scaling Recruiter Mill from a one-man-band to an established hiring agency to a global recruitment powerhouse.

But what's in it for you? Why would you want to join me?

5 Reasons To Join Recruiter Mill As A Business Manager

1. Scale A Wonderful Business

What separates a great business from any other is the quality of its products. This is true for both giants, like Apple and Amazon, and small companies, like Recruiter Mill.

I'm glad to say that we are able to bring something truly special to our clients. By letting us handle their hiring, our clients enter a virtuous cycle. Here's how it works...

We let our clients shift their focus from hiring to the core functions of their business. This paired with the influx of awesome new team members that we bring in lets them grow quicker than ever before. And before you know it, they want to hire with us again - to be able to grow even faster.

We have the makings of something great. It will be your job to scale our magic and bring it to even more businesses.

2. Collaborate With An Experienced Entrepreneur

In my experience, a lot of business owners are not prepared for the success they experience. They often stumble into more responsibility than they are equipped to handle.

While that's normal, it is still hard for the employees they hire. Rushed decisions, shifting priorities, and lack of experience are just difficult to deal with.

I know this because I used to be that immature entrepreneur. But luckily, I can now say my awkward developmental years as a business owner are behind me.

For you, it means that you'll get to collaborate with someone who knows what is needed for your and your company's success.

Whether you join Recruiter Mill or not, that might be the biggest factor for how far you will go in your next role.

3. Run Your Own Show (Eventually)

Although Recruiter Mill is my main focus right now, I'm more than happy to give away any and all responsibility for it.

If there is someone who can do the job as good or better than me, why wouldn't I let them?

Micromanaging is the last thing I want to do. And I would be most happy if there was someone who could eventually run the company for me. 

Whether we get to that stage over time or not, your responsibilities will keep growing as you prove yourself. That also means more freedom in how you do and plan your work.

4. Be A Part Of A Special Company Culture

Working in recruitment, I know how important it is to select only the best people to work at your company. And that's great news for my future employees.

While a brilliant team is key for work satisfaction, there is another hidden benefit that might be even more important to you when you join Recruiter Mill.

To attract the best, we will have to create a work environment that the best want to join. Some aspects of such an environment are:
  • a culture of achievement and responsibility;
  • flexibility around how the work gets done;
  • competitive pay;
  • fun team events.
If that sounds like a company you'd like to join, together we will build it at Recruiter Mill.

5. Develop A Highly-Marketable Skill Set

I really like the industries Recruiter Mill is in. First of all, recruitment is something that every single business in the world needs. So our services will always be in demand.

Second, online marketing (what our clients usually do and how we find them) is one of the hottest spaces right now. And is likely to be for decades to come.

Beyond that, the skill set you will develop in this role is highly sought after. Companies can't function without people like you.

Joining Recruiter Mill now will likely accelerate your career more than any other opportunity you are considering.

What Will You Do At Recruiter Mill?

Right now there is too much work on my plate. I will need your help with:
  • processing job applications for our clients' vacancies;
  • interviewing the candidates;
  • communicating with our clients;
  • running our semi-automated lead generation process;
  • some admin tasks (e.g. issuing invoices).
In other words, everything that is needed to secure our day-to-day operations.

But we'll also be working on projects that will get us past the stage where we have to do all of the work ourselves:
  • Hire two new people for our company in the next few months (a recruitment specialist and a copywriter for our clients' job ads).
  • Systematize and scale our sales process.
  • Get podcast appearances to develop a new way of bringing in clients.
  • Over time, start an informational resource about hiring.

Your Salary

At this time I'm willing to offer up USD 4000 in monthly salary with 4 weeks of yearly paid vacation.

If you prove yourself over time, I have no issues with raising your salary to match your contribution to the business.

What I Expect From You

  • You have experience and a track record of success in a similar role.
  • You can pick up new skills quickly.
  • You are tech-savvy.
  • You pay close attention to details and are organized, reliable, and communicative.
  • You are a bright, hardworking, and resourceful individual.
It Would Be Great If...

  • you have experience with recruitment;
  • you have experience with online marketing;
  • you have experience with copywriting.
I am based in the Central European time zone. To be able to collaborate, I expect we won't have more than a six (and ideally less than a four) hour time difference.

This is a full-time position and is fully remote.
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